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To Repeal and Replace Ordinance No. 182986 entitled City-wide Exclusive Franchise System for Municipal Solid Waste Collection and Handling Program/Exclusive Commercial and Multifamily Solid Waste Franchise Collective and Handling System.

 The Los Angeles City Charter provides for an Ordinance Initiative Petition as an option to Repeal and Replace an Ordinance passed the City Council and Mayor.

 Five residents of Los Angeles, known as Proponents can file for the Ordinance Initiative.   If the requisite number of signatures are gathered, the Ordinance Initiative is placed on the ballot and voted on by the citizens of Los Angeles.

 The number of signatures need to qualify this petition is 61,486. Once the signature gathering begins, there is a 120-day time limit to collect them.

 Anyone who is a registered voter in the City of Los Angeles can sign the Petition. Anyone who is eligible to register to vote in California can circulate the Petition. 





 About Us

This Campaign will be conducted by:

Committee to Support Accountability & Good Government in Los Angeles.

Our mailing address is
​PO Box 9694 .

North Hollywood, CA 91609. 

We are a “Primarily Formed Committee”
established with the

California Secretary of State

on December 30, 2010.
ID #1334520.


The Ballot Initiative Proponents

David Hernandez


Chuck Betz

*Treasurer, Sherman Oaks Homeowners

Daniel H. Villegas

Realtor with National Assoc. of Realtors

Daniel C. Faller

*President/C.E.O., Apartment Owners
Association of California

Augusto Bisani 

* President/C.E.O,

Bravo Systems International

los angeles trash monopoly