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​What will the Ballot Initiative do? 

1. First it will repeal the exclusive franchise ordinance 182986 and replace it with a non-exclusive one.

2. Second it will repeal the requirement that a Hauler be a Union Company or have a “Labor Peace Agreement” with a Union.

3. Third, it will remove forced recycling and fines; voluntary Recycling will still be allowed and encouraged.

4. Fourth, it will protect the customer against fees or penalties for not participating in the City’s Program.

All haulers will still be required to meet State Environmental requirements.


Below are the  Instructions on filling out the Petition.

The Petition is in English and Spanish as required by the LA City Clerk.

A. Single Signers: Complete the required sections and the declaration at the end.

B. Petition Gatherers: Important. When printing or circulating, the petition must be kept intact. If you get 20 signatures or less you must include all pages 1-12 and pages 21 and 22 with a completed Declaration Page.

There is a declaration page at the end for those who circulated the petition. The declaration needs to be completed even if the only signature is the person who circulated it.

There are four (4) mandatory sections for those signing.

1.Printed name, address, signature and date. (Please leave the SIG# & LN# boxes blank)

2.The birth date is optional.

3.You must be a registered voter in the City of Los Angeles to sign the petition.

" A scanned or digital copy will NOT be accepted by the LA City Clerk "

4. MAIL TO: Once completed the entire petition needs to be returned to:

David Hernandez

PO Box 9694
North Hollywood, CA 91609.

RETURN: by April 1, 2018.

Thank you,

If you have any questions, please call our Volunteers Coordinator at 818 614-0382 or


David Hernandez

Lead Proponent

los angeles trash monopoly