-My manure pick up went from $550/month to $2700.00,-not acceptable, I can use the city but it will be way more work

-Very poor transition, our b.ill more than doubled,  __XXX___ (dis) Services

-manure pickup at our barn is increasing from $500-$2,700!!!


-Do I have a trash story?!  We had several buildings where trash was not picked up for WEEKS!  Trash was overflowing, tenants were throwing on the ground,.  It got to the point where it started blocking parking spaces

-Something has to be done about the huge increase in trash collection fees, gate fees, and distance fees.  Our fees went from $932.06 to $1,644.58 to $1,758.80. Loss of completion, can not call another company, to bid for the service because of this recycl

-Condo owner: My building's trash fees are more than doubling and our HOA fees will be increased as a result.

-Legelaized Monoply, unreseanoble pricing, lack of accountebility for service providers,, political pay to play scheme

-Our condo HOA  in West Hollywood unilaterally decided to install 10% increase in HOA due using doubling of trash collection charge as excuse. The trash bill contains dubious new charges of gate opening and others. Yet HOA doesn't bother to investigate.
-Price spike with reduced service and bogus service fees!!!

-Our bills have tripled at two locations and doubled at two other locations. __xx__ and __xx__l Waste are the haulers. This is highway robbery

- the landlords cannot pass the increased cost to the tenants due to rent control.

-Trash bill went from 20$to 120$

-I am a landlord and my sanitation bill has increased, however the services I see and receive have plummeted

-rates have tripled and service has declined dramatically - missed pickups and unhelpful customer service

-My bill more than doubled, this is a total scarm.

-My equine business can not sustain the enormous rate increase.

-Yes, my board at my barn has gone up to where I will probably need to move my horses. Is that what they really want? To get horses out of LA? It seems with all the rising costs that's the real objective.

-My rate doubled and charges that didn't apply (gate lock fees) were added

-My rate doubled and charges that didn't apply (gate lock fees) were added

*-I'm going to get evicted because my landlord's bill went up 500% and she'll have to sell the property at a loss.

-we have properties in the Hollywood area. our rates have gone up about 50% with less pickups and a smaller bin

-Pickups are sporadic and my bill is too high.

-Yes. It has trippled abd the service is the same nothing new.

-My bill has been going up every month.

-we have only one choice to work with company ____xxx____ which has tripled their price from Dec.2017. No other choices!!!

-I do bookkeeping for rental companies and I see trash collection rates going up 3,4 times. Where do you think this increase will be billed to? Tenants of course! And with rents already being sky-high and extreme homelessness in LA!

-My trash bills have tripled and pick-ups are often missed.

-my trash bill doubled and my tenants dont know or care about and how to recycle. Wrong trash in wring bins

-i have a ten unit building in tujunga just got notified my trash bill will be going from 110.00 to over 400.00 dollars a month for only 1 container this is totaly insane i am not going for it !!!!

-This is Mafia business and can't stand in California or America

-My bill in some buildings went up 4x. Most of my bills at least doubled and I am getting less service to keep that cost. I am not going to have any money to repair the buildings if I am paying 4x the cost in trash service. The biggest cost is they are cha

-We have several buildings, our bills have gone up approx.300% plus lousy service

-Our Trash bill has went from $875.00 a month to over  $2450 a month.  This has tripled, we live in a depressed area of Sylmar.  Our residents live on a day to day paycheck. This is predatory pricing by the Mayor and Council people of Los Angeles county.

-Thay rise my bill by %200

-Trash bill increased almost double

-My trash bill went up almost double

-Ridiculous price increases and poor service.

-terrible service and cost tripled

-Our bills have increased and there's no way to fight this. Plus, we aren't able to move the cost to residents which might actually get the city to do something about this.t

-I own multiple building in Los Angeles. And with the combination of rent Control, Mandatory Retrofit  Requirements and now the huge increase in trash collection bills it is making it very difficult is to continue to operate a building in the city

-my bill have tripled

-Bill doubled

-my expenses have doubled

-Trash service has gone down. Pick up has been sporadic

-They doubled our trash bill

-I manage several properties in the Los Angeles area and since this new law went into affect our bills have quadrupled for the same trash service but now we are left with missed pickups, overflowing trash and no recourse to demand better service.

-My trash bill has gone up 4X - I have other clients we manage which is just as bad. Please help!

-My trash bill went from 9 dollars to 65 dollars, which is insane!

-Pick up has been spotty at best in some of my centers.  I keep calling the city and ___xx___ without any success on having them come the 6 days a week i am supposed to have service.  Dept of Sanitation is not responsible if site is closed by health dept.

-I live at the Brewery in Lincoln Heights. We were forced to switch trash companies and the new company is just not up to the job. Rates went up, service went down.

-The trash bins in my neighborhood got changed and are too high for most people to reach. Also I know two businesses that will close because they can't afford the new rates. this is insane.

-Send me a petition page and I will gather signatures

-Restructure has been an absolute nightmare. Rates have been standardized and premiums have shot up 2-300% overnight while customer service absolutely inexistent.

-All my properties went up mucho, but 3 of them went from approx $550 to $1600    Worst than that are the inconsistent pick ups and long phone calls

-Rates have increased way too much!

-I did not have the space for 2 trash can they did not care know it is blocking the entrance to back yard and laundry room

-My trash collection is horrible.  Prices way up, service way down and no alternative.  the whole new program seems like a back room deal and somebody got paid off.


-We own affordable housing projects that are restricted rents and this creates a monetary hardship on these properites fulfilling a mission to provide affordable housing in LA.

-Program has a massive negative affect on our multifamily locations.

-My trash bills have doubled and tripled on all of my properties.

-My trash bills gone up 300% with extra locking gate fee, distance fee. Constanley missing pick up, delay pick up.

-400% increase for my clients. Outrageous, unlawful

-My bill Has went up triple in some locations!

-Prices almost tripled while service has dropped.

-Trash bills quadrupled!

-trash collections at our properties has gone to shit

-We manage 2,200 units of affordable housing and the trash pickup costs have increased 200% due to this program and with fixed rents, we have no way to recoup the costs

-tripled in cost, halved [or worse] in service

-bad service, missing pick ups and 250% price increase.

-Trash not picked up on numerous occasions.  Fees have doubled.

-Yes my trash bills tripled and quadrupled with the change and Now I have lousy service by Republic in all my buildings in Mid city.

-My trash bill has increased from $102 per month to $535.61 per month.

-the building trash bills have increased between 200% to 600%

-Our service in our condominium of 36 units has dropped significantly.  For example a small truck is used to take the large dumpsters out if the garage to the street where they are then emptied.  The used to take just a few minutes as the both trucks worke

-Our trash bills have skyrocketed since the change.

-Our bill went up and the service is worse

-my trash collection has doubled or tripled for the same service

-I have multiple apartment properties in LA City and my trash bills have doubled or in some cases tripled.  Why am I paying so much more for worse service and getting gouged for "distance" and "access" charges?

-My trash fee doubled....

-We own and manage seven apartment complexes in Wilmington California. We would normally pay about 13,000 a year in trash collection. Under this new program we stand to pay over 30,000 a year. This is for the same service nothing more nothing less.

-We have over 10 properties we manage and our trash bills went up over $60K a year or three to five times as much for each property.

-We own three properties affected by the new Los Angles City Trash collection policy and    like so many others our rates went up and service went down

-My bill went from $20 to $80.

-My bills for my commercail properties have gone up 500%!!

-We use ___________ Trash and our fees doubled with about 10 missed pickups in the past 3-4 months.  The tenants are furious.

-Months without recycling, inconsistent pick ups.

-My bill is now more then my water, electricity, and gas... combined.

-Our trash bill doubled. And prash picks are constantly being skipped.

-It's unfair to owners and tenants who pay trash. It's unfair for rates to go up.

-LA rent prices are sky high already, please don’t raise trash fees an absorbent amount!

-It will cause my rent to increase

-This will raise my rent and I will not be able to afford my place.

-Got a trash bill 10 times more than what I was paying.

-Our cost of trash has doubled at my 7 unit building and I am barely making ends meet with all the expenses.

-President of HOA.  Besides not picking up trash our monthly bill went from $224 to $875 one of the most expensive line items in our budget, .

-It's getting more expensive and it's not ok.

-All my bills tripled in price, the recycle program is worthless, non of my tenants use blue bins properly, the service is much worse than it was

-paying more money than before and having a worse service ,since in many instances they can't come the elected day.

-I own 10 plus apartment properties in the city of Los anglees. Our fees have doubled and the new service is terrible

-i own 5 income properties.  my trash bills have gone up by 3-4 times.

-All trash bills for our properties have gone up nearly double what i was originally paying.  ultimately, all this new system will do is further increase the cost to renters in a city that is already facing horrible affordability issues.

-Trash is everywhere at our location

-Our trash bill goes from 9dollas to 69 dollars for no reason.

-the fees have doubled on the two properties i own.

-my apartment building's trash bill doubled with no warning

-The management company’s bill went from under $200 to mid $900. That’s a rideulous increase! That cost will be passed down to the tenants and it’s not a good thing, I just had a baby and money is tight right now But this will fal on deaf ears.

-Are they prepared to allow 6% increases for rent controlled buildings next year since I have to pay a 94.13% increase?!


-At our commercial building we were paying $80 per month and now it is supposed to be $296. But we are a construction company and do not have trash here. All our trash is made at the jobs where we rent a bin. I asked to cancel and was told I can't!!

-my trash collection charge quadrupled

-My trash bill went from about $214/mo to $950/mo for the same exact service

-i have two buildings affected by the new service one has doubled and the other has tripleled

-Since the change to a trash monopoly, we have seen a drastic increase in price and a drastic decrease in consistent service. Stop this monopoly now!

-They have increased the prices upto 300%

-.._____________.is increasing our price to 300% it is not fair I also contacetd the major and he has not gotten back to us.

-Bill double but poor service

-Our company owns and manages several apartment buildings in the city of LA and were hit by the huge increase in trash collection fees, ridiculous gate fees, and distance fees. These additional fees should be included in the increased base fee at least.

-My bill went up 600% for all of my apartment buildings

-Same story as everyone else, my bill doubled and my service is much worse. The bureaucrats stripped consumers of any power to negotiate price.

-My trash Bill has tripled and service went down

-Pick up has been sporadic and billing has seen an outrageous increase.


now not only have the bills tripled but they are charging to open a gate, and charging over $380 a month for distance charges. I just don't get it. We have given these companies a monopoly to do whatever they want.

I have no recourse regarding poor service.

I own a building 3 buildings on Saticoy Street. My trash bill before the monopoly was $1,253 and after the implementation, my trash bill is $1903. 50% INCREASE!

The service has been so sporadic since it changed to a different company

Streets not getting cleaned, trash bins stay out all the time, CHAOS reigns. Why are these monopolies allowed to add fees upon fees. I had mountains of trash piled up even though I had contracted services.

I had ..._____________ I called ____________ yearly for a quote to make sure my bill was competitive. I'm now forced to go with _________ 77% increase. I will have to raise rents to pay for this.

This has lead us to serious consider withdrawing from providing multifamily housing as we are being sqeezed out of the market and unable to pass costs onto the tenants.

I was paying for four days a week of pickup with ___________ in Sylmar, but they were not picking up the fourth day and I had been paying for that fourth day of pickup for the past 4 months before I called __________ and adjusted the pickups to 3 times.

__________ Trash reps lied to us and said the 300% increase in our bill was the lowest possible option. After weeks of calling my city council and Bureau of Sanitation I was told that we should have never been charged "access" fees and others.

The new charge to OPEN the gate to get the trash bin is downright ridiculous. On one small property with a $400 trash bill that turned into an $800 trash bill we are paying an additional $150 just to have them open the gate.

my favorite. at our echo park apt, six units, the bill went from under $100 a month to the standard 233. when i called to ask about this i was told we would alos have to pay a distance charge though the can was 65 feet from the street. oops. their bad

Absolutely terrible, people need to lose their jobs over this. double billed us after giant price hikes. didn't pick up trash, lost tenants, had to dispose of trash ourselves. could not talk to customer service they would hang up on us and ignore contact

They never come as often as we pay for. They over charge and they charge for access fees and distance when they shouldn’t!

Our bill has increased from $92/mo to over $220/mo. Service is horrible, many no pick-ups, impossible to get through by phone. Totally unfair and unbelievably stressful experience. We are small business owners and can't afford to pay these outrageous fees

The trash was not collected at several of the apartment buildings I manage. The bill keeps getting sent to the wrong address. The service has been discontinued because the bill was sent to the wrong address. I don’t understand how I have all these problem

Missed trash pick ups on multiple occasions.

Delays for weeks, tripled charges... leaving a mess...

How this project got the greenlight without any public vote is not the way an American city should run. Giving building owners no alternatives with regard to trash collection is tantamount to, yes, I'll say it, 'collusion' with the unions.

At apartment building, our trash pick up costs have doubled since __________ took over - and our services has been much more unreliable than with our former disposal company.

In additioin the recycling penalty fees are $50-$100.. if my tenants don't follow the recycling rules, the landlord pays the penalty fees. I have no control of my tenants trash habits, the neighborhood and homeless people use my trash/recycling bins

We have 8 unit building, and three containers, 2yrd and two recycles. We had to install metal gate as homeless encampment was nearby. Suddently the City started charging us $12 per each container for using the keys. Our bill increased by 30%.

In addition to the increase in service costs. Our pest control bills have gone up because of missed service dates resulting in waste piling up for nearly 2 weeks at a time.

Our small business is being forced to use __________Services. No pickups for months but the bills (3 times higher than the previous vendor) keep coming in. Sent multiple emails, letters and calls including City of LA to no avail. So frustrating!

Astronomical price increases with ridiculous charges. We dont even get our trash picked up regularly. We have to call multiple times to get them to come out. They leave our trash bins out on the street and we need to call them to bring it back garage.


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Astronomical price increases with ridiculous charges.  We dont even get our trash picked up regularly.  We have to call multiple times to get them to come out. They leave our trash bins out on the street and we need to call them to bring it back garage.

I have owned my 18 unit apartment building in the WEHO area of LA since 1973. __________ has been providing the refuse pick-up at my building for several years.  My monthly bill has gone form $165/month in January 2017 to $493/month in December 2017.
I live in a 6 unit building and our bill tripled with the change over!

I manage multiple properties - approx 15 - and am frustrated by the crazy increased costs, plus the minimal service compared to what I used to have.

I own an 8 unit rent controlled apartment complex and do not have much cushioning as it is. My trash bill has tripled and service has been spotty since the ordinance came into effect.

I'm a current building owner of 6 units in North Hollywood. I can't believe when __________ told me they are raising my trash bill by double and nothing is really changing besides them placing a recycle bin which most tenants don't even use. ridiculous monopoly!!
MIssed pickups for several months in 2017.

My bill has TRIPLED.  And I run a small ranch, utilizing 1 3-yard dumpster emptied 1 time per week.  The price hike is outrageous.  And they're charing me more than 50/wk to press a code to open my gate.  I cannot afford this increase.  We need relief.

My bill is 3x what it was with cordova construction services , I already received a bill for feb and haven't even received trash container

My trash bill has almost doubled from $126 to $207... this increase is ridiculous. I can barely afford to pay. I'm in rent control and my tenants are paying less than half the market rent. In addition the recylcling penalty fees are $50-$100..
My trash bill went way up and quality of service went way down. Why is waste disposal suddenly socialized? How did the trash companies get the city to give them an oligopoly?

No increase in rent control rent to cover increase. I am paying the extra cost.

Only that the bills have almost doubled and now being charged for roll out of bins, it's disgraceful. Prices have escalated yet we are only allowed to increase rents by 3%, which barely covers the costs

Our HOA fees went up for the first time by $30 simply because our trash expenses have more than doubled for poorer service. Our HOA manager spends a lot of her time trying to dispute billing errors for service not provided. More than 2x price for bad work

Our HOA's went up over $30 per month because of the increased trash fees. i am also a business owner and the trash bill at that location more than doubled. This is bad for business!

Our trash bill increased by 30-40%.  All of a sudden we have to pay $12 per click for each container because our containers are in the garage.

Fee per click is nothing but racketeering as we had to keep containers locked to prevent vandalism.

Our trash bills are up 400% and our pick-ups are down 30%.  We have piles of trash and angry tenants.  THANKS L.A. CITY COUNCIL!!!

Our trash service bill went up by 400%

Overflowing dumpsters everywhere!!

Prices have gone up and service is poor.  No one to deal with who really cares.

The bill went from $200, to $270.

The city has created and protects a monopoly so it can collect higher fees that don't appear as taxes.  These monopolistic companies have removed the free market, supply and demand benefits to the public.  All taxpayers are affected.


We are being charged a high "extra" fee just to unlock a gate.

We manage multiple properties and have experienced increases of up to 400% at most. This is for a reduction in service from our previous provider. All of our accounts have experienced missed service dates, and incorrect billing.

We were billed $366/mo. Our charges went up to $614/mo for the exact service when the contract took effect in Feb of 2018.

__________ offered to lower bill by doing a waste assessment. They came in and did their assessment and now they are charging us $900/mo
yes, we have 2 rental buildings where our trash bill went up over $200 a month on each. The bill almost tripled


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